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Loading horseAs a horse transporter I regularly come across horses that refuse to load or are very reluctant to load for a number of reasons. Some may look at the horsebox from a distance and refuse to move and others may run up the ramp, stop and backout at speed. Some may get to the ramp and stop, refusing to move, and others may drag you off in the opposite direction leaving you desperately trying to hang on!

Although some people achieve success with a lungeline behind or a broom up the back side, standing for hours with carrots and feed buckets, or a gathering a load of people to push and pull, or even using a chiffney – I find that these methods, although may (but not often!) get the horse in the horsebox in the short term, they do not solve the problem for the next time. The horse is often forced in under distress and this does not bode well for future attempts at loading. The Ezyloader Head Collar Adaptor works on a simple pressure and release system and I have found to be a very effective and essential piece of kit on my lorry.

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Absolutely amazing, my fell pony used to take an hour to load. Loaded him with this it took 30 seconds, I can now load him all on my own. Thank you.
My mare is very difficult to lead, never thought I would be able to load her. Tried everything, heard about Ezyloader so I bought one and got her walking on and off the trailer within 20 minutes. Worth every penny.
I have a Welsh that will run off as he wishes and is a total pain to load. I bought the Ezyloader, watched the video and gave it a go. I got my boy onto the ramp of the trailer and he went mad, pawing the ground, reaering and just had a fit for 5 minutes. I did as the video said and just stood, keeping the pressure on and all of a sudden he just walked onto the trailer! We have loaded a few times since, and yes he has tried it on but gave in instantly and loaded gfreat. This is a Fantastic product and does work as the video describes. We can also do our ground work without him running off which as an added bonus!!!
I ordered this after trying almost every similar product on the market. My horse is 18.1 Irish Draught cross who loves nothing more than to drag/bolt/rear and generally to whatever he likes on the end of a lead rope. I've tried the dualy halter but had no effect whatsoever. Merlin hadn't done a lot before I got him and trying to teach a 9yr old manners has been no easy task. I;'ve used the Ezyloader for just 3 weeks and I'm amazed. He walks at my pace (not his), he doesn't barge, drag, rear or bolt; he now trots alongside when asked (never done that) and I couldn't be more thrilled. The girls on the farm can now turn him out without ear of their lives. I'm very satisfied and couldn't manage without it - worth every penny!!!
I bought this product convinced it wouldn't work. That nothing would help my loading issues. I was very doubtful however this product has been absolutely astonishing so far. The first time it was used my Welshy reared and got very stroppy but I just stood in the same place asking the same question and within 10 minutes he worked out that forward was the only way and he was going on the lorry no matter what. I didn't get frustrated just stood and waited for him. Since we have been out 3 subsequent times and hes loaded with less and less resistance. Worth every penny to me and has saved me from what was becoming a dangerous loader. We can now get out and enjoy some fab new experiences! Highly recommended!
This is by far the best money I have ever spent on a horse item (apart from my horse of course)! Having spent the last 8 years not knowing if & when my 16.2 tank like IDx will decide he can use his power against me & run off whilst leading I was in despair. I have had my Ezyloader for 6 weeks now, using it doing groundwork based on pressure and release with a longline, my big lad put it to the test today whilst I was turning him out. He tried his usual trick of bolting to the side and running, I took hold, he felt the Ezyloader come into play and he just stopped. I couldn't believe it, he then proceeded to calmly allow me to retake his headcollar off and then quietly walk away. I am so pleased. I cannot recommend this product enough.

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