EZYLOADER   Head Collar Adaptor

Instructions for Use

The Ezyloader head collar adapter has been designed by My Horse Network, which simplifies loading reluctant horses onto horseboxes and trailers. it is also ideal for horses who need more control when being led and can be used in place of a chiffney, stallion chain or bridle for leading. Following research and development in conjunction with horse transporters and a specialist equine vet, the simple adapter attaches to a regular head collar and works using pressure when a horse pulls back or rushes forward and release when rewarding steady forward movement.

As per the illustration, the Ezyloader conveniently and quickly attaches to a regular head collar and lead rope. It can also be used as a schooling aid, not just for loading reluctant horses, but for horses who might be bargy or who might require a chiffney or stallion chain for leading. The Ezyloader is expected to become an essential piece of equine kit for every yard and horsebox.

Attach the Ezyloader as per the illustration. When you have clipped it on, as the horse to walk backwards a few steps and release when it does. Release the pressure (rewarding the horse) when they take a step – even if just an inch – in the right direction. This sends a clear message to the horse of what you are asking him to do. It “helps if you also use your voice at the same time, backing up the message. So lots of soft “good boy!” when they do the right thing, and firm “NO NO NO” when they are going the wrong way.

Ezyloader closeupIf you have a horse that tends to just drag you off to the side and run away, the adaptor gives you much greater control than just a head collar and rope and you will find as long as you are firm and pull them back in the direction you want, they will be unable to drag you off. Once the horse has loaded, you simply detach the Ezyloader Head Collar Adaptor from the head collar and tie up your horse as normal.

It is really important that the user properly uses this adaptor to enable it to work. If you continue pulling on it (for instance) when the horse is doing as asked and moving forwards, this will confuse the horse and have an opposite effect. Please watch the video carefully and ensure you fully understand the principle behind its use before attempting to use it as a training aid.

Using the Ezyloader Head Collar Adaptor replaces the need for a chiffney, stallion chain, bridle and using other pressure head collars which you often cant use to tie the horse up, so end up having to change head collars after all the pressure of getting the horse in!


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